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Coming with over twenty years of experience in the communications and entertainment industry, Ryan is a coach and consultant with a BA in communications from Marywood University.  He specializes in managing the anxiety of finding a work/life balance and navigating overwhelming personal and professional environments.  His curated advice and thoughtful conversation springs from an established career in the Broadway Community as a producer, director, and educator.  Ryan has contributed to prominent entertainment projects on Broadway and around the world.  Working in high-pressure and overwhelming situations his entire professional life, Ryan applies his process and experience to his clients’ journeys.  He can be a source of support to help someone get their own “voice in the room.” Whether that work is a corporate setting, a freelance engagement, or the development of intellectual property.


Ryan’s laser focus, good humor, and open-mindedness have made him a well-respected consultant to many organizations and professionals across a variety of industries. Additionally, he uses his experience to help clients create a system to process and prioritize their instincts during moments of life that can quickly overwhelm: marriage, family planning, contract negotiations, real estate planning, estate executing, and even public speaking.  The focus of a session is to take whatever aspects of a client’s life that are overflowing or underserving and use that to inform a focused plan in a safe space for success.  To Ryan, the priorities are clients making decisions as their authentic selves and sleeping well at night because of it. Areas of expertise include collective bargaining, the role of the father in fertility treatments, the journey of estate planning, conquering the stress of freelance work, and maintaining work/life balance.


You can also get to know Ryan and his work a little better by spending some time on his website:


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