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A place of retreat for the mind and body


My name is Kathryn M. Friel, and I am the new owner of Twin Ponds Holistic Health.  It is a true privilege to welcome you to a retreat that’s right down the street-a getaway from the daily grind.  

Twin Ponds was the dream of Carolyn Reese, and I hope to continue with her vision of an integrated, holistic health center 

Kathryn M. Friel

that offers healing in multiple modalities, all with the goal of bringing you mind and body contentment.


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5 Stars

"The Effortless Meditation classes with Greg Schweitzer are fantastic! Being a self employed small business owner for 12 years, I was looking for something to reduce my stress level. Tired of feeling anxious and overwhelmed all the time. Wanted to feel less stress and not take prescription meds in order to feel calm. Looking for a different approach, my partner and I started taking the classes. Greg made me feel better in the first session! My partner as well. It has even helped with my menopause. Menopause turned me into someone I did not recognize, horrible mood swing, anxious and just not myself. I feel like a new and improved version of myself! I can focus on things with clarity and calmness instead of panic. Nice to rid my body of years of built up stress through meditation. So nice of Greg to share his gift with the world! This is the nicest gift I have ever given to myself! Everyone should take this class. It's a great experience for sure. Also a beautiful facility, filled with kind and caring people! Thank you so much!"

- Arlene B.

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